Presentation Types

The committee provide two types presentation, oral or poster presentation, the participants can choose any one of them, please specify in the registration form.

Oral presentation

  • The oral presenter will be regularly give 15 minute including questions and answers, so please prepare the proper length of your slides to fit the presentation time . But it you want to extend your presentation time, please consult with session chair. 

  • The conference will provide AV equipment, PC equipped with Microsoft, PDF reader,  please prepare two types of file, PDF and PPT.  

  • Please store your slides in mobile memory, like USB which can be used in conference PC. Of course, the presenters are allowed to use their own PC to do presentation, but it will depends on the port of equipment in conference venue, it is suggested to prepare an adapter. If the presenter want to upload their slides into Conference PC, please choose the period of coffee break and lunch, make sure your uploading will not affect other presentation.

  • The presenters are supposed to wait in the conference room before session begin, the session chair will call the roll to make sure the following presenters are waiting in the conference room. If no answer, your presentation probably will be skipped. 

  • Each presenter will get a certificate after their presentation 

Poster Presentation 

  • The Poster Stand (Height* Width): A0(1189mm*841mm)

  • The poster presenter should concentrate their several-page paper into one A0 poster, which should covers your paper title, author name, affiliation, contacts information, and the conference name.In addition, the most important is about the contents, concise and pointed introduction, logical and clear structure, the convincing and powerful experimental data and sound result. Of course the references will enhance the persuasiveness.

  • The poster presenter are supposed to hand in the conference staffs who will set up it in advance.

  • During the poster session, the presenters should stand by their poster and be ready to answer questions, Each presenter will get a certificate after poster session.


  • The conference also is open for the other persons who are interested to attend the conference as listener. The listener don't have to submit any manuscript. They can listen to presentation in each session and communicate with other participants. If comply persons of presenters want to attend the conference, you are encouraged to register as listener as well.

Best Paper Award 

The conference sets following awards which will be announced and bestowed on the closing ceremony.

  • The Best Paper 

  • The Best Student paper

  • The Best Poster

The Best Paper and Best Student paper will be selected from oral session, of course, the best poster will be selected from Best Poster. 

The benefits of award-winner

  • The winner will get the one-year valid preferential registration or free registration, but please notice that only the winner who joined the award ceremony will get the award. 

  • The winner will be given the certificates.

  • Best paper and best student paper winner will be invited to extend their paper for journal publication

The Criterion of Evaluation

The decision criterion will consider both the paper quality (assessed by the Program Committee), and the oral presentation quality (feedback given by session chairs at the conference venue). As such, in order to enable a final ranking in a timely manner:

  • Papers selected as candidates for best paper awards will be exclusively presented in sessions on the first or second days of the conference.

  • Candidates to "Best Student Paper Award" should be exclusively presented by students, though authors may include senior members.