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Hotel Amsterdam

With over 10 million tourists visiting Amsterdam each year, there are plenty of people looking for a hotel in Amsterdam. To keep up with this huge demand for hotel beds, Amsterdam counts over 400 hotels. Despite the 400 Amsterdam hotels with 55.000 beds, it can still be a challenge to find a reasonably priced place to sleep. Especially in high season from the end of April till October prices for a room or even a dorm can sky rocket. July and August are the busiest and most expensive. Also during holidays like Easter and Christmas prices are at its highest. For instance the Easter weekend can be twice as expensive as the weekend after. Therefore it is sensible to plan your trip carefully if you are travelling on a budget. Booking in advance will give you a bigger range of hotels and prices to choose from.

How to find an appropriate hotel in Amsterdam

If you are looking for a hotel, you’ll probaly be searching for a specific price range. But besides the price we do recommend checking some other things as well. You should also take in account what you plan to do. Although public transport is organized well, there are no subways and trams in the night time. 

When picking a hotel take in consideration the following aspects:


Best hotels in Amsterdam

Probably the most famous most iconic hotel in Amsterdam is the Amstel Hotel, nowadays part of the Intercontinental hotel group. Prices start at approximately €500,- per night. When lucky in low season and booked far in advance, a room might be found for €400,-. Although that sounds like a lot of money, do expect to get lots of value for money. This five star hotel is situated at a unique spot with views over the Amstel River. The marvellous, monumental building was opened in 1867 and ever since  offers all the luxury one can wish for, including a Michelin-star restaurant. This makes the Amstel hotel the perfect choice for a luxury trip to Amsterdam such as a honeymoon.

Other high class hotels

Besides the Amstel Hotel there are more high class hotels that offer the same high standards in hospitality. You’ll find the same kind of luxury for a better price. So if you are looking at value for money they are an excellent alternative. Check out these outstanding alternatives for the Amstel Hotel:


Cheap hotel in Amsterdam

Finding a cheap hotel in Amsterdam is a difficult task. If you are looking to spend under €90,- per room per night be prepared having to do some concessions. The hotel will probably be situated a outside the center and will have a one to three star rating and your options will be limited. When you have a bit more to spend you might consider paying around €120,- per night as you will have more options and better hotels to choose from.

Recommended cheap hotels

As said before, it is quite difficult to find a cheap hotel for under €90,- per night. Though it’s not impossible. We feel that you should check out the following hotels if you’re looking for a relatively cheap place to stay: