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Keynote Speaker  I


Prof. Yonghong Peng 

The University of Sunderland, UK

Speech Title:The Science of Data: to empower the next generation of Artificial Intelligence


Data is now becoming an incredibly driving power for technological innovations. With aim for making machine to be with intelligence including for “problem-solving” and “learning”, the discipline of Artificial intelligence grown-up from symbol manipulation, computational logic, knowledge-base/expert systems, neural network to hybrid intelligence, during the past 60 years. In the big data era, AI has been empowered by the advance of machine learning and particularly by the popularity of deep learning, and is now becoming a buzzword to industries. 

This talk will first present an overview on the framework of emerging discipline of data science, as driven by the big data. Thought we have seen the boom of AI and technology innovation, industries still struggle to transfer data from operational systems to analytical systems, thus have difficulty to catch the opportunities in data economy. In this talk, Prof Peng will present an ecosystem where machine learning empowers the big data analytics and big data drives the AI technology innovation. This talk will also explore the development of a new data intelligence platform (DIP) to empower the next generation of AI. 


Prof Yonghong Peng is aProfessor of Data Science at the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom.His research in data science includesmachine learning/deep learning and artificial Intelligence, with application tohealth and genome data analytics. His research group has developed multiple leadingapproaches for the integrated analytics of genome data.Prof Peng is an associate editor for IEEE Transaction onBig Data, and an academic editor of PeerJ and PeerJ Computer Science. Prof Pengis the Chair for Big Data Task Force (BDTF) of IEEE computational intelligencesociety (CIS), and a member of Data Mining and Big Data AnalyticsTechnical Committee of IEEE CIS. He is a founding member of the TechnicalCommittee on Big Data (TCBD) of IEEE Communications, and a member of Big DataTask Force of China Information Industry Association (CIIA). He is also anadvisory board member for IEEE Special Interest Group (SIG)on Big Data for Cybersecurity and privacy.

Keynote Speaker  II



School of Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials

University of Newcastle, UK


He received B. Sc. degrees in Automatic Control from Hebei University of Technology, China in 1986. He received Ph. D. degree in Control Engineering from City University, London, UK in 1991.

He currently worked as a Senior Lecturer, School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials, University of Newcastle, United Kingdom.

He is also a member of Editorial Board/Advisory Board  for the following journals: Neurocomputing, Control Engineering of China, The Open Fuels and Energy Science Journal, The Open Artificial Intelligence Journal, Central European Journal of Engineering, International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Research, Journal of Chemical and Process Engineering.